We Need To Talk About Anti-Asian Hate

We need to talk about the rise of anti-Asian hate and attacks. Join Eugene for an in-depth conversation about the complex, often untold story of the Asian American community, the unique struggles they face, and find out how you can help .

Speak up and speak out with us by sharing your story on SEslow and across social media with the hashtag .

00:00 - Introduction
04:10 - Yellow Peril
08:20 - America At War
11:57 - Model Minority
19:06 - Vincent Chin
22:55 - Black \u0026 Asian Communities
31:11 - Policing
36:01 - Hate Rhetoric
46:10 - Monolith \u0026 Media
51:49 - Generational Divide
58:29 - Voting \u0026 Representation
1:04:39 - How You Can Help

Zoe Malik - Research Producer
View our main resource material here: docs.google.com/document/d/1A...

Tanzila "Taz" Ahmed
Bing Chen
David Dang
Mary Dang
Carroll Fife
Sean P. Fong
Shirley Gee
Asia Jackson
Andy Kim
Phillip Lim
Lisa Ling
Dr. Simran Jeet Singh
Annie Tan
Philip Wang
Rev. angel Kyodo williams

YB Chang @xoybox
Skyler Klingenberg

Aiko Igasaki

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  • If you can, please help uplift, empower, and protect our communities against rising anti-Asian attacks by donating to the GoFundMe.org. Support the AAPI Community Fund through SEslow’s Donate button or at gofundme.com/AAPI. Proceeds will be distributed to a vetted group of community, neighborhood, and victim organizations.

    The Try GuysThe Try Guys2 månader sedan
    • Asians love White people and they are who they identify 🙄 with! They will be OK!

      FRED BarkleyFRED BarkleyDag sedan

      ALPO YAOALPO YAO6 dagar sedan
    • *ANY* "news" about WHAT YALL are DOING IN *AFRICA* & *JAMAICA* ???? Mr. Asian man😐

      Paige WhitePaige White6 dagar sedan
    • Why is every time you turn around every group of people trying to come up with a scam and before you know it have a GoFundMe up trying to siphon money out of people

      ALPO YAOALPO YAO14 dagar sedan
    • Bro I'm asian and my dad's side is asian as well and we don't experience hate we get jokes from friends but jokes are jokes people over reacting to all this... I bet 1000% this comment gonna get deleted Oh and if you're wondering I'm from Thailand 🇹🇭

      Phoenix ChernockPhoenix Chernock17 dagar sedan
  • 48:33

    Random AdventureRandom Adventure6 timmar sedan
  • Don’t care

    BedBed9 timmar sedan
  • Gaslighting. We all know who is conducting 99% of the anti asian hate crimes. Think for yourselves, stop listening to your gender studies profesor

    人是人是11 timmar sedan
  • Attacks on asian Americans is horrible BUT so is the fact that 80% of them gave the most donations to racist groups like the Proud Boys.

    PwatPwat16 timmar sedan
  • Haha now apply this logic to Harvard applications. If we shouldn’t connect you being smart to you being Asian.

    Morpheus SamMorpheus Sam18 timmar sedan
  • But look who's doing the punching.

    Kim MccollumKim Mccollum18 timmar sedan
  • Funny- who is doing all of this Asian hate?

    Morpheus SamMorpheus Sam18 timmar sedan
  • Thank you

    Ella BullisElla Bullis19 timmar sedan
  • That is what that x-pres left in USA, hate and division.

    karenvalfonkarenvalfon21 timme sedan
  • 悲しいなぁ…

    七八寺こよみ七八寺こよみ23 timmar sedan
  • preach

    Real MorganReal MorganDag sedan
  • Unless the non Asians want a race war, they should stop committing hate crimes.

  • Asians do an exemplary job of raising their children to try their very best to be successful, to make good decisions regarding their future when compared to other races and to always believe they can succeed up to or exceed their capabilities. The left in the United States, does not like these kinds of children because they grow up to be conservative or at the very least, not falling prey to the victimhood mentality that keeps Democrats elected, often, in the most miserable areas of the nation.

    MarkMarkDag sedan
  • Can we talk about Ryan Le Nguyen???

    Arrell Ehn IsraelArrell Ehn IsraelDag sedan
  • Asian people are very racist 🙄! I don't know who is the most racist, Asians or Whites! Oh well! I guess you guys are getting your O.J. CALL! Since you want to be white so bad! 🤷 Oh well!

    FRED BarkleyFRED BarkleyDag sedan
  • It’s POCs doing it

    DavidDavidDag sedan
  • This why we need to be Second Amendment .

    ilA aicraGilA aicraGDag sedan
  • This is so beautiful and inspiring. As a Chinese American, seeing my history and culture being shared is really heart warming.

    abbey chinnabbey chinnDag sedan
  • All hate and division should stop. We r all from groups who were once victims, and we r all from groups who once victimized. We can't control that. We can control today. We can b better now than people were in the past. We can start by admonishing divisive rhetoric where ever we c it!

    J DebJ DebDag sedan
  • I understand ur on a good mission here, but when u start using already disproved talking points like "the Muslim ban that Trump enforced was racist" u lose credibility. Then with severely weakened credibility all other points u make r taken with a huge grain of salt, if listened to at all. In fact I changed channels after the Muslim ban lie, and I'm sure others who were otherwise prone to b sympathetic did the same.

    J DebJ DebDag sedan
  • in my country (Indonesia) you are greeted with a smile, but in your country we are treated with violence. if it were possible for our country to become a superpower, we wouldn't treat you like you treat us

    RengokuRengoku2 dagar sedan
  • I would not have hoped that I need to see this video. Why do people hate? Why are people racists? Do those benefit the heaters? That's a terrifying thought.

    Weifeng ZhouWeifeng Zhou2 dagar sedan
  • Why don't we ever talk about that the majority of this "hate" is coming from african Americans?

    Michael RossMichael Ross2 dagar sedan
    • Because then it would be doing the same thing that we’re trying to prevent, negative stereotyping. It’s not just black people. It’s everyone

      YeetmyFeetYeetmyFeetDag sedan
  • Fun fact: Asians are the majority of people on planet earth.

    syn _252syn _2522 dagar sedan
  • How about we just stop hating White people first.

    Robert GervaisRobert Gervais2 dagar sedan
  • funfact russia and india are both in asia but they are not called as asian countries

    explodingvolcano explodingvolcano 2 dagar sedan
  • Stop asian haate but they're not saying a damn thing about the guy who shot that little boy in michigan.

    whoo elsewhoo else2 dagar sedan

    Danny MedinaDanny Medina2 dagar sedan
  • The apathetic element pathogenetically vanish because ketchup orally pat notwithstanding a pointless diving. bewildered, plausible moon

    Jesika BisonoJesika Bisono2 dagar sedan
  • I still wish we would stop comparing communist economic system vs democracy which is a political system. Countries that we link negatively with communism are actually more totalitarian and so on. They can also be capitalist and totalitarian. It's just another form of discrimination when we look down on or in fear of anything communist.

    RinRin3 dagar sedan
  • This is why you should never ever trust whites or see them as your ally cause they are not and never will

    李珊贤李珊贤3 dagar sedan
  • The same happened and happens in Europe.

    李珊贤李珊贤3 dagar sedan
  • White people want us to stay silent and to not fight against racism and to not do anything back. They want to keep controlling and oppressing us. And they don’t want us to speak up. They want us to follow them like slaves and stay quiet and obey them. They don’t want us to have our own cultures. They want us all to act white and have no identity.

    李珊贤李珊贤3 dagar sedan
  • Racism can be towards Asians, Black, and white people too, it’s really hurtful when people think that I will make others slaves or they exclude me cause I’m the only white person, It does hurt. It’s irresponsible for people to blame a whole race (Asian, Black, white, anything) for something only a few people started. People need to stop hate towards everyone, it’s not fair for any race to have to put up with hate 💙

    Evgenia DamjanovskiEvgenia Damjanovski3 dagar sedan
    • Yes BUT on a systematic level in the US, white people do not experience racism. White people do not get longer prison times, stopped by police at a higher rate, target of hate crimes based solely on their race, and more. Blacks, Latinos, and Asians face more discrimination for simply existing. You get to see movie stars, politicians, Oscar winners, models, and President who look like you. You have holidays based on your white history like thanksgiving and July 4th. So, you have privileges that POC like me can only wish to have.

      Steve LiSteve Li3 dagar sedan
  • So, in the 1900's, the chinese ppl flew from China which was being bullied by Europeans, only to settle in the USA (descendants of the Europeans) and get bullied again.... F**k...

    CrimsonBeast500CrimsonBeast5003 dagar sedan
  • This sounds so similar to black Americans made to become slaves and all their were community burned down it was so many couldn’t believe…Thank you for this clip I didn’t know Asian experience this hate ….

    Audrey MartinAudrey Martin3 dagar sedan
  • Who is committing the hate crimes? Care to mention the race?

    N NN N4 dagar sedan

    Honk 780Honk 7804 dagar sedan
  • Actually unbelievable. People are buying into the exact same shitty video he posts once a year to reignite his dead career

    Dylan KeeverDylan Keever4 dagar sedan
  • The US wasnt founded on "racism". If it was, then so was EVERY OTHER nation in the world. While NO ONE should be targeted for who they are, has anyone here even BOTHERED to look into who is targetted in hate crimes the most in the US for the past 50 years? Because it isnt whom your "Liberal" college professors tell you. In 2019 according to the DOJ there were 594,000 violent hate crimes. of these, whites (those people whom most of you have been indoctrinated into blaming) were the victims in 514,000 cases. Look it up. They dont hide it. They just arrogantly assume most wont look. America was a European outpost which rebelled and gained its independence. It wasnt "built on racism". Thats a lie. of the sadly 11 million slaves deported from Africa, guess how many were delivered to America? Around 300k. The rest were sent into non-white countries. And yet none of you are taught this because your being groomed for a communist/socialist agenda. In fact, white western nations have been more WELCOMING of outsiders then any nation in history, but with this unholy communist alliance against whites, your proving that those in opposition to this back in the 1960s may have had a point. After all, none of you call Mexico "racist" for keeping its core demographic intact, or Japan, or Arab nations, or anywhere else. Its only white nations where this "racism" garbage is pushed ( a term coined by the communist Leon Trosky around 60 years ago as part of the 1934 manifesto to use division of racial groups to bring down western civilization just as they had brought down the USSR using class) and NOTHING compares to the body count this led to. Just look at MSM, international multi-million dollar corporations, ect. The anti-white narrative isnt the "marginallized unpopular narrative". Your not the scrappy underdogs. Your in lock step with the very elite you CLAIM to be struggling against, while people like ME are the ones they censor. I dont hate anyone for who they are. I dont want to see harm come to ANYONE. I am just sick of the lies. Here is an example of a recent "revised" history which is actually in its SECOND incarnation as an original lie was first circulated. Again, these facts CAN be referenced from reliable sources. I myself have been BANNED BY SEslow from sharing links, so sadly if any want the truth, you will have to do your own legwork and research it, which I cant urge enough. The Tulsa Massacre. 1) The original lie- Minorities had created a "Wall street" of their own. Fueled by jealousy, whites burned it down, and bombed their neighborhoods with aircraft. This was told for DECADES because it covered up what really happened and pushed the earlier anti-white narratives.... 2) The most recent lie, pushed by Tom Hanks and the left-wing media. A minority stepped on the toe of a white lady, and she was so horrified that she screamed for white men to come to her aide, and so angered that a minority had dared to do this, they attacked Tulsa, burning it down and slaying over 300 minorities. 3) What REALLY happened. A young boy attacked a white lady in an elevator, r0ping her. Multiple people in the building heard the screams and arrived to find her with her dress torn off, and battered, and the young man attempting to flee. The young man tried to flee but was seized and arrested. (Its worth noting here, that the left is lying about the location. While the boy DID work in this area, he was in a residential building he had no business being in. They will tell you this happened at the factory where he worked to hide this detail. ) Rumors spread that he was going to be lynched, so many minorities showed up fully armed demanding his release. Those guarding the jail got into a heated argument with this mob, and someone (no one knows who) fired, leading to a shootout between the two. 10 whites and 2 minorities were slain initially. and the boy was broken out. When surrounding communities got news of this incident, they descended on the town demanding he be returned to custody, leading to even more conflict. Yes, CONFLICT, not one preying on the other. Total casualties CONFIRMED were 16 whites, 26 minorities and millions in property damage (a bill picked up by those "evil" white taxpayers I might add). The national guard (more evil white men....But wait, I thought this was systemic?) was sent in to quell the conflict, restore order, and later to help rebuilding efforts. BLM is NOT some new frontier when they defend thugs and criminals. Its same crap, different decade! The facts of this are not some secret. But the left is trying to erase what really happened, and replace it with anti-white BS. And now with these innocent Asians being targetted, despite what people can see with their OWN EYES, Europeans are still being blamed. You all cant be THAT insane, can you? Or is your own racism against Europeans so deep seated that you ignore what your own eyes tell you? I have to believe people are better then this.

    Steel MidnightSteel Midnight4 dagar sedan
  • We need to talk about how hateful the Chinese are to the Asians in Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc., and the slave camps and organ-harvesting going on in China against political dissidents.

    Harry KnackersHarry Knackers4 dagar sedan
    • @Steve Li Never said they were, Kai-Lan.

      Harry KnackersHarry Knackers3 dagar sedan
    • CCP is not the same as the average Chinese citizens

      Steve LiSteve Li3 dagar sedan
  • This video may have been informative, but in a lot of ways it is biased liberal propaganda

    PAPA4 dagar sedan
    • @PA So you don’t think white Americans made racist laws that negatively affected Asian Americans for generations to come?

      IgnoramusIgnoramus2 dagar sedan
    • ​@Ignoramus Even if they are struggling, they're not struggling BECAUSE OF white people, and unlike what Eugene said there's no reason for Asians or any other race "to stand up in racial solidarity" or fight "white supremacy" unless you want this country to turn into a Communist totalitarian dictatorship where stuff is taken away from White people and freely given to minority races. It is already going in that direction because of critical race theory.

      PAPA2 dagar sedan
    • @PA So if I showed you objective stats that showed how and where Asian Americans were struggling, what would your response be?

      IgnoramusIgnoramus2 dagar sedan
    • ​@Ignoramus This video is biased liberal propaganda because it promotes the idea that if Asians are not a model minority, they are instead a struggling minority and that it is White people who have everything and are privileged and that we all need to stand up and fight against White people. But that is not true, Asians do not have any harder or easier time in this country than White people or any other group of people. Tbh, only parts of this video were informative, the rest was garbage.

      PAPA3 dagar sedan
    • How so?

      IgnoramusIgnoramus4 dagar sedan
  • Canada acts like it's better, but we were built on the same stuff. Wiping out indigenous populations, lumping people together from entire continents, making them source of cheap labour, and taking their land. Like. So much of Both our histories, are that. Not saying that all racism is the same, because. There are specifics to each story, and uniqueness to specific forms of hate. But, that general trend runs through them. Canada's history, too.

    Stoodmuffin PersonalStoodmuffin Personal4 dagar sedan
    • Lol I don't think Canada has any room to complain about others as long as calling ur female child "daughter" is a crime that can lead to a prison sentence there.

      J DebJ DebDag sedan
  • Sorry I don’t want light skin. I’m happy being dark skinned.

    Grand poobahGrand poobah4 dagar sedan
    • @Sakura Fujiwa watch the entire video and you will know. Why do you need to know anyways?

      Grand poobahGrand poobah3 dagar sedan
    • What does being lightskin and darkskin have to do with this

      Sakura FujiwaSakura Fujiwa3 dagar sedan
    • What

      Sakura FujiwaSakura Fujiwa3 dagar sedan

    DefemosDefemos5 dagar sedan
    • hm… what’s funny ?

      faithfully alwaysfaithfully alwaysDag sedan
  • EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION!!!! There is too much widespread misinformation that makes people fearful and thus hateful. Such horrible, disgusting things are said like "a person of Asian appearance will give you COVID". What a complete and utterly uneducated, misinformed thing to believe, say, and spread to others. These people who express such hate are largely an uneducated population. It is my firm belief that it starts with the utmost passionate, forward thinking people of our world to take it upon themselves to teach our youth actual scientific facts. We have to start looking at hate as unintelligent. Acting upon hate is unintelligent. Spreading hate is unintelligent. It stunts the growth of society, of a world that needs to move forward from the stone age once and for all. All races are beautiful and all human beings are capable of such wonderful things. Get past your own fear. Get past your own hate and unlock your true intellect. That's how I see it all anyway. It's so exhausting to watch all the hate and violence. I'm so tired...

    BlinkinFireflyBlinkinFirefly5 dagar sedan
  • The fact that they can't show the like to dislike ratio makes me so sad

    Hello worldHello world5 dagar sedan
  • I hate that some Americans judge, attack and unfairly treat black and asian people on their looks and traditions.

    Snobearʕ•ᴥ•ʔSnobearʕ•ᴥ•ʔ5 dagar sedan
    • @Harry Knackers k lol

      simon foulsimon foulDag sedan
    • @simon foul I'll buy you a one-way ticket.

      Harry KnackersHarry KnackersDag sedan
    • @Harry Knackers k lol

      simon foulsimon foul2 dagar sedan
    • @simon foul "Bruh," if America is so bad, move to China, Africa, or anywhere else where there aren't so many white people that you hate so much. GO FOR IT!

      Harry KnackersHarry Knackers2 dagar sedan
    • @Harry Knackers bruh

      simon foulsimon foul2 dagar sedan
  • Neither speech nor hate is a crime.

    Harry KnackersHarry Knackers6 dagar sedan
    • @Harry Knackers Lol if you say so bud

      IgnoramusIgnoramus4 dagar sedan
    • @Manas If you don't "buy" free speech, you need to GTFO of the United States.

      Harry KnackersHarry Knackers4 dagar sedan
    • @Ignoramus Snowflakes are threatened by my very existence.

      Harry KnackersHarry Knackers4 dagar sedan
    • Unless you threaten somebody, which is a crime.

      IgnoramusIgnoramus4 dagar sedan
    • Yeah no one's buying that anymore

      ManasManas5 dagar sedan
  • Watching this made me so insanely sad. I know people are messed up, but to see that so many people hold these views makes me feel hopeless. Let's do better, America.

    eelcakeeelcake6 dagar sedan
  • The Chinese discriminate indians and black living in Singapore and Malaysia and preach anti racism in USA, haha what a joke 🤣🤣, such hypocrites 🤣🤣

    Bollywood MasalaBollywood Masala6 dagar sedan
    • @Bollywood Masala lol they aren’t everyone fam

      IgnoramusIgnoramus4 dagar sedan
    • @Ignoramus I have colleagues though, and they are so cheap

      Bollywood MasalaBollywood Masala4 dagar sedan
    • @Bollywood Masala clearly you don’t have any Chinese friends, cause you around the wrong ppl

      IgnoramusIgnoramus4 dagar sedan
    • @Ignoramus but culturally they are, i myself live in the US and I know how much they hate brown skin 🤣

      Bollywood MasalaBollywood Masala4 dagar sedan
    • Chinese Americans aren’t Chinese in China. Some of them have been here since the 1800s. And Asian hate crimes aren’t exclusive to the Chinese.

      IgnoramusIgnoramus4 dagar sedan
  • This is a red herring spread by China thats part of a conspiracy to excuse China's atrocities which lead to the pandemic in the first place.

    ReptillianReptillian6 dagar sedan
    • What atrocities that led to the pandemic?

      IgnoramusIgnoramus4 dagar sedan
    • Evidence?

      Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin4 dagar sedan
  • Whyy just why can't we all just get along makes me hate being white it's so sad were all fucking human it's bull shit I want to help end this shit

    Jesse RobertsJesse Roberts6 dagar sedan

    AsteroidAsteroid6 dagar sedan

    ALPO YAOALPO YAO6 dagar sedan
    • Ayyy Asians are lit

      IgnoramusIgnoramus4 dagar sedan
  • WHERE are the ppl yelling " *STOP* *ALL* *HATE* " ??

    Paige WhitePaige White6 dagar sedan
    • @Joseph Stalin shocking.

      Katie BeijanKatie Beijan3 dagar sedan
    • @Katie Beijan Yup, also it's funny how the movement started with blm and has gone silence since it ended. Almost like all lives where never the priority of the movement.

      Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin4 dagar sedan
    • "stop all hate" and "all lives matter" are phrases and movements designed to suppress the movements that are meant to make change to help these people who have spent decades being treated as less than human. Change has to come a step at a time and saying "stop all hate" hurts these communities who have suffered at the hands of society.

      Katie BeijanKatie Beijan4 dagar sedan

      Hello worldHello world5 dagar sedan
  • I live in a community of self, I don't have haterd or anything against anyone, however, I am pro-black in many of my thought processes and I have been racially profiled by Asian American police officers in the past. lets be clear, we are talking more about the Asia Pacific than south Asians. Asians come in all colors and forms.. Asia is a continent, you can even be black. so we should probably modify these terms. However lets also get to another subject, how some Asians(Koreans) business owners treat blacks horrible in their own communities.. this has to stop as well, and this has been going on for years - respect and love to all people.

    • And why would they treat them like that? Hmmmmmm wonderrrr why? Fn idiot

      Honk 780Honk 7804 dagar sedan
    • I too live in a community of self. I think the mistreatment is Black people by Asian business owners is a two way street.

      IgnoramusIgnoramus4 dagar sedan
  • I live in the San Gabriel valley. where it’s 90% Asian. Wonder why it’s NOT happening here?

    Thomas B N4GThomas B N4G7 dagar sedan
  • Conning and Crafty the key words. Anglo thinking "Did "you" create COVID19 and give to carriers to infect americans?" As a member of a targeted group of people I understood this the first asian-hate attack I heard.

    Ms AceMs Ace7 dagar sedan
  • as a young black, i’m glad you spoke out about this. i have never heard of anything like this before and i’m happy it’s finally getting spoken out about because i would’ve never known this stuff if it weren’t for this video

    ry kyry ky7 dagar sedan
    • @Harry Knackers they said they never heard about it, not that they didn't think it was wrong

      Lena LeyerLena Leyer15 timmar sedan
    • Wow, it never would have crossed your mind that beating up random old people was wrong?

      Harry KnackersHarry Knackers4 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for using your platform to speak about this.

    KK7 dagar sedan
  • The Asians should stand up to the lies of CCP about the virus, until then the hate is hard to stop. People don't hate Asian, they just think every Asians are Chinese.

    Hygog CHygog C7 dagar sedan
    • @Joseph Stalin Why would there so Anti-Asian hate increase more this year? everyone can answer. Virus. Virus from China to be clear. So solved that solve most of the problems.

      Hygog CHygog C4 dagar sedan
    • How does that justify anything that is happening, CCP propaganda has always existed. Racist attacks against Asians is not their fault, have some critical thought

      Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin4 dagar sedan
  • Please do a video on Ryan le nguyen.

    N O M F U N D ON O M F U N D O7 dagar sedan
  • Thank you so much for this!!

    Caitlin CianoCaitlin Ciano7 dagar sedan
  • Why is there no talk about the race of the predominant perpetrators of these attacks. That is part of the problem. There is a class of criminals who are protected based on their skin color. You have to go back 100 years to try to blame these recent crimes on white people. Can't we just prosecute the criminals perpetrating these crimes now?

    Bryan ChezickBryan Chezick8 dagar sedan
    • Woke racism. How do you think 250 years of slavery and constantly worse life conditions due to lack of government rehabilitation and poor living standards will affect any group?

      Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin4 dagar sedan
  • How are you not going to be hated by these haters. Best food, most beautiful women, intellectual as fuck and spiritual, that's a balanced breakfast. Now, China is on the rise, and there's always someone there to try to stop any growth that does not benefit them. My prayers go out to Asians and all of humanity. 🙏🎆💙

    Jose HinojosaJose Hinojosa8 dagar sedan
  • You know I never thought about Asian hate ever, so I want to thank you for bringing this to my attention. I think I will start hating Asians. Thanks. P.S except massage parlor Asians, I won't hate them.

    D BD B8 dagar sedan
  • How about telling your racist leftist friends to stop hating aisans? Or maybe the afro-american community as well?

    Lithium 1995Lithium 19958 dagar sedan
  • YES. I have seen almost no support for asians from racism. It's always about black people. That's bad because there are other races that need help. We can split up our focuses to other races instead of only one. I don't even get taught about asian racism in school. It's only about slavery and not what asians did as well. I don't want to support an organization that does bad things and get covered with, "fixing racial injustices." You don't fix racism with violence. How are you gonna get them on our side? Why did you forget about us?

    Sir RealitySir Reality8 dagar sedan
    • @PA I didn't say anything about white people

      Sir RealitySir Reality4 dagar sedan
    • It still isn't all white people's fault though so don't go around saying that

      PAPA4 dagar sedan
    • 93% of BLM protests have been completely peaceful, so please stfu with the small, small minority who burned shit down.

      Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin4 dagar sedan
    • @Jason Rivera And I can say the same about black people only being teased. But you would go crazy and call me a racist

      Sir RealitySir Reality6 dagar sedan
    • @Jason Rivera We're not oppressed but that's the same as black people aren't oppressed. We don't get taught what happened to asians and asian racism. My race and black and whites and Hispanics aren't oppressed. But we should learn more about asian hate and history rather than just black history

      Sir RealitySir Reality6 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if one watching this viddeo, but is Iranian American.

    James Henry SmithJames Henry Smith8 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if one watching this viddeo, but are Samoan Pacific Islander American.

    James Henry SmithJames Henry Smith8 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if one watching this viddeo, but are Marshallese Pacific Islander American.

    James Henry SmithJames Henry Smith8 dagar sedan
  • "Latinx" is not a race, but an ethnicity.

    James Henry SmithJames Henry Smith8 dagar sedan
    • no... Its not

      Aimani DaviddelacruzAimani Daviddelacruz8 dagar sedan
  • When the video says Chinatown, but one is part Turkish (or part Armenian), Jewish, part Indian, part Pakistani, part Southeast Asian, part Nepali/Bhutanese, part Melanesian Pacific Islander, and part Native American.

    James Henry SmithJames Henry Smith8 dagar sedan
  • As an ally, thank you for educating me and giving me a resource to share with others!

    *NinaBina5**NinaBina5*8 dagar sedan
  • China has focused only on saving face regardless of consequences. China were dishonest about Sars and the fallout from this. A year and a half later after the Chinese covid pandemic, millions of people are suffering and dying still whilst China continue to blame other countries and criticise those countries who continue to struggle to fight against the pandemic. Not only have China intentionally released the pandemic and chose to lie about it, they now choose to stop trade with key countries. Here we are watching this lame video about racism back in 1880s, once again trying to deflect from the Chinese Pandemic. Many races suffered in previous wars, many races have experienced racism in history. Rather than focus /deflect from the elephant in the room. China has lost all credibility and integrity. This is not a racist response but a human response to the fallout from this pandemic. What this video lacks is avoiding the true gravity of the fallout from the pandemic. China has changed the world forever now due to its deplorable behaviour. This pandemic is bigger than any previous historical event. China should stop looking at very poor comparisons historically and get a reality check to what has happened in this pandemic. Accountability, integrity and honesty would have gone a long way way back in November 2019 when this virus was released. This pseudo intellect host of this video is yet another sad example of China trying to deflect from the serious current issue. Anti Chinese sentiment globally is at its highest level ever and videos like this only perpetuate this mindset. You are only adding to the anti Chinese sentiment by focusing only on poor parallels to this pandemic. China is officially the most disgraceful and shameful country in the world and Chins only has itself to blame

    C MC M8 dagar sedan
  • I am a asian american myself, and it hurts my soul seeing my own kind being bullied because of they’re ethnicity.

    CaelinyangCaelinyang8 dagar sedan
    • @Jason Rivera Are we meant to cheer or something?

      Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin4 dagar sedan
    • @Jason Rivera and it doesnt hurt me one bit that you dont have empathy.

      CaelinyangCaelinyang5 dagar sedan
    • Doesn’t hurt me one bit.

      Jason RiveraJason Rivera6 dagar sedan
  • Asians don’t talk about this because they are actually pretty selfish people. If it doesn’t concern to them or benefit them, they usually turn blind eyes to the wrongdoings. I’m Asian. I know it hahaha

    Chakri RooChakri Roo9 dagar sedan
  • Because we are having a race war perpetrated by the Left. More specifically, it’s an ideological war by means of a race war; divide and conquer. This is has all the classic markings of Marxism. We must united as Americans not African, Asian, Native or Hispanic Americans. Americans!!! Trump 2024!! America first!

    Jason WangJason Wang9 dagar sedan
  • As long as Tik Tok, Kpop and mobile gaming communities exist, I'm pretty sure many from the younger generation are motivated to become 'anti'. I'm Chinese and it's really painful contacting a culture that I'm not even interested in, a huge shame I have to be a racist to myself too.

    HeroveroHerovero9 dagar sedan
  • Actually the Native Americans, Polynesians, and Filipinos are first. I don't think they've proven that the Chinese and Japanese precolumbian traveler thing.

    James SmithJames Smith9 dagar sedan
  • I thought they are supposed to saranghae the oppas and noonas (pretending to speak in fake koreaboo to mock attackers)!

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  • Some people: "All asian are Chinese so coronavirus 19." Me: Cheezakimbap!

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  • Dhar Mann is AAPI too, but it's India so people haven't been able to imagine that yet.

    James Henry SmithJames Henry Smith9 dagar sedan
  • Are Americans getting too soft because we haven’t heard of any Asian beating lately

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  • "You're basic" 😂😂😂😂 Thank you. I will definitely use these words when someone critize my Sofia Vergara's accent lol

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  • Are there discussion questions/prompts for screening this video?

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  • I just love me some Sweet Government Propaganda!

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  • *I learnt some new stuff I didn't know thanks Eugene.*👍🏻

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  • Everyone wanted a free Hong Kong before Corona, and yall get treated pretty good compared to WP, they ain't murdering your women and children lol

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  • chinese here😎

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  • Sending much love from Australia, love for all

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  • Im not american (im singaporean), but my fellow countrymen have been attacked for being chinese, its just not fair

    reltard (gone)reltard (gone)12 dagar sedan
  • Im not american (im singaporean), but my fellow countrymen have been attacked for being chinese, its just not fair

    reltard (gone)reltard (gone)12 dagar sedan
  • Its sad how so many of you forget that it was black people that stood besides Asians who were discriminated against by white people. We stood besides you when you were in the interment camps, we stood besides you whenever your civil rights were taken away, even when we were fighting for equality. Look at your history of prejudices and attacks in this country, it wasn't black people. Yet on this very show is stated that your parents instructed you to stay away from black people, not recently but years ago, why, because black people were (are) at the bottom of the racial pole and Asians saw themselves as white and better than black people. It took only a few months to pass the Asian Hate Bill and politicians refuses to pass a hate crime bill to see lynching a black person as a crime! Anybody that attacks the elderly (or anyone else) needs to be locked up. A white man killed six (6) Asian women, I've never seen any Asian protest against it! Why not? Because Asians don't want to lose their place on the Racial Pole. Why do you think the media only show "black" attackers? Because it deepens the divide. What they don't show you are the attacks by white people, look at history! STOP HATING US WE'RE NOT YOUR ENEMY!

    Rich BurghRich Burgh12 dagar sedan
    • what?! You are just making stuff up at this point. when did you stand by chinese people at the interment camps. jesus this is such a lie. It's the black people attacking white period. It's a fact. Look at every video or read the facts in articles.

      JustpassingthroughJustpassingthrough11 dagar sedan
  • Why can’t I see the amount likes and dislikes

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